School Uniform is compulsory and home clothes are not allowed. The following items will be provided at the school upon payment of Ksh. 20,980 by way of cheque, money order or deposit slip paid in together with the school fees.

1.2 green skirts
2.3 white tie collar blouses (1 long sleeved, 2 short sleeved)
3.1 P.E kit
4.A swimsuit
5.2 green V-neck jerseys with school logo – long sleeved
6.1 green V-neck Jersey - sleeveless
7.1 tie
8.2 pairs of socks
9.1 white T-shirt with logo
10.A pair Navy blue trousers - girls   (out of class uniform)
11.1 bed cover
12.1 pair of leg-warmers
13.1 scarf
14.1 mattress
15.1 green fleece  jacket
16. 1 tracksuit (out of school wear especially in the evenings)

The School Bank Account details are provided on the last page of the Joining instructions.

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